Is Minecraft Good For Your Kids?

Minecraft is a game that nearly everyone has heard of. It was released in 2009,  and quickly became an international phenomenon. Today, Minecraft can be played on a wide variety of devices, from PC’s to smartphones. The game itself is classed as a ‘sandbox game’, which is defined as a controlled environment with defined boundaries, but open rules. The player has everything they need right at their fingertips to play the game successfully, but what they make of the experience is completely up to them.

Even after a number of years, the game continues to grow in popularity. What was once a child-like game, that was mostly overlooked by adults, is now one that is popular across all age ranges and genders. Children get to explore their creativity, without parents worrying about mature content. The game utilizes crude graphics by modern standards and lacks blood and gore, but despite its retro feel, it can be seen as the perfect way to give them an outlet and encourage creativity and exploration, while the parents themselves can enjoy the limitless tools and possibilities to encourage a child’s growth and development.