Is Minecraft 1.8 still alive?

[11:44 PM] Instantout: People still run on 1.8 servers?
[11:46 PM] Instantout: Also… missed a few lifetimes were can i … ill just find it
[11:54 PM] Potato: Ya, there a still a lot of 1.8 servers
[12:03 AM] pop4959: well not “a lot”, but more than any other outdated version
[12:04 AM] pop4959: it’s because its the most recent version with the ancient pvp system
[12:04 AM] pop4959: some minigames still rely on those mechanics and those servers haven’t bothered fixing them yet
[12:25 AM] redshadus: You can have 1.8 mechanics on new servers. Most ones just decide to go full 1.8
[12:48 AM] pop4959: that’s kind of stupid since you miss out on so much content that you could otherwise use
[12:49 AM] pop4959: im sure theres some modern minigame servers that actually use the new features of minecraft i just haven’t played minigames in such a long time that i dont know any
[12:49 AM] pop4959: would be fun though if anyone had suggestions
[12:49 AM] pop4959: i imagine elytra games in particular might be really fun