25 Behind-the-Scenes Images from a Commercial Photoshoot in Monaco

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It’s that time of year. The holiday hustle. We’re all trying to squeeze everything in. If you can pull yourself away from work, shopping, traveling or whatever it is you’re doing today – here are 25 behind-the-scenes shots from my recent work in Monaco.

We met up with my friend Mike Horn to watch him sail Pangaea into Monaco harbor with fifty of his Young Explorers and mark the official end to his 4-year plus Expedition around the world with the YEPs. Along the way we have been lucky enough to join him in China, Taiwan, Seattle, Brazil, South Africa and finally Monaco where Prince Albert personally greeted Mike and crew to congratulate them on this extraordinary accomplishment. There was a big party afterward and we all had too much wine. The Young Explores choreographed a dance for Mike straight out of the 1980s. “We Had the Time of Our Lives,” with the Dirty Dancing moves and everything.

After waiting for the weather to clear up we hit the Cote D’Azure with everything had working in a very short weather window before our flights home. Helis and some very fancy boats were involved. I have a new appreciation for Riva. Gorgeous water machines. All-in-all it was a great shoot with incredible results for the client. Monaco is an extraordinary location.

Hope you get all your shopping done. In the meantime, enjoy these images from me and the crew.

Erik, Chase, Jerard - Post Monaco Heli

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