The Only Subject Youll Ever Need. Ever

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Marcin Sobas has a body of work that speaks to a photography maxim: Nature is still the best subject. The endless cycle of birth, growth, death and rebirth; the arc of the sun and the moon in a 24 hour period; the play of clouds and fog as both filter and subject — your window could look out at a tree on a hill and you could find a million different ways to capture it in a photograph over the course of a year.

A hobbyist, Sobas benefits from his sense of timing and his appreciation for Nature as Subject. His misty hillsides and above-the-cloud compositions are quintessential landscape shots: just the right light, just the right fog, just the right angle.

I popped a few questions the artist’s way to learn a little more about his approach.

Why the fog and the green as subjects?

MS: I have always been fascinated by fog. Mists are mysterious and you never know what will emerge from them. On green fields, the light is discovering their form at a right angle. Some places then look magical.

Do you do commercial work? If not, do you want to?

MS: At the moment,Itreat it as my hobby.I really respect commercial work and I’m opento any suggestions and any cooperation.

What is your process?

MS: It all depends on the air and weather conditions. The foundation is goodlight and then the process is easy.

Can you dive into the kind of gear do you use?

MS: My main equipment is Telelens and sometimes a wide lens. I’m working on a Canon.

What’s your favorite location you’ve shot at thus far?

MS: From the placesthatI have visited, my favorite is Tuscany in Italy. But for the moment I have not visited too many places.

Anything else you’d like to add?

MS: The whole worldis beautiful andamazing. I would love tovisit both America and my dream is New Zealand.

Check out more of Marcin’s work here.





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