Mosaic Frames by MOO

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If youre a photographer, youve probably heard of Moo business cards. What makes MOO unique, is the ability to print a different image on every card in a pack. What I did not know before placing my first order is that Moo doesnt just make mini cards. They also offer standard business cards, postcards, sticker books and greeting cards. All with the option of showing off a different photograph on each card! Another great feature that I was not aware of is the fact that I could transfer my selection of images directly from my Smugmug galleries! How much more convenient can it get?

I placed an order of Mini Moos featuring some of my travel photography and an order of standard cards with a selection of images of my commercial work and enough space on the back side for my logo and all my contact info. I also discovered a cool decoration (and conversation) piece to display my mini cards: the Mosaic Frame.

The Mosaic Frame allows you to display 20 of your favorite mini cards. It is available in black or white in the following dimensions 16.54 x 10.63 (42 cm x 27 cm). Each card is inserted in a mini frame which can be positioned in a variety of ways to accommodate horizontal and vertical images. You can also hang or display your frame horizontal or vertically depending on your space. It is a really creative way to display your work in your office or studio! The Mosaic Frame is also a great gift idea for the photographer in your life! To find out more about MOO, visit their website here

To learn more about the Mosaic Frame ($39.99 USD)click here.

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Mosaic Frames by MOO

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