iPad sleeves and cases by Acme Made of San Francisco

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I am a photographer and my iPad is my new portfolio. I like the look on my clients face when I hand them my Apple device and let them page through my images on that beautiful screen. My iPad wasnt cheap and I like to protect my investment. I recently discovered the Acme Made StretchShell neoprene skinny sleeves and cases and I was seduced!

I love my glossy white slick case. It definitely fits the clean and sleek Apple look while providing exceptional protection to my expensive tablet. It features a sturdy double zipper and an internal divider to store cables and accessories. The iPad fits with four elastic bands to allow for book-style reading. You can also open the case and fold it onto itself to use it as a horizontal lap pad. The StretchShell neoprene is water and stain resistant and very well padded. It is available in gloss white and matte black.

The same company also makes a Skinny Sleeve which is perfect for iPad users who like to hold their device in their hands without a case around it at all times. It forms perfectly around the iPad, it is also made of StretchShell neoprene and is available in gloss black and gloss white .

Its not a look that everyone will love but Ive had some great comments about my glossy white case and I really like the fact that the occasional coffee stain will wipe right off!

Check out the Acme Made website to check out a variety of other design-focus accessories for your laptop, e-reader, camera, iPod, iPhone, etc. The iPad cases and sleeves retail for about $39.99 USD and $29.99 USD respectively but I also saw some great deals on Amazon.

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iPad sleeves and cases by Acme Made of San Francisco

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