How Do We Keep Our Rights But Share Our Work?

Article from Chase Jarvis Blog

In a followup to yesterdays post Stolen Photograph: A New Look at an Old Problem, which saw a lot of traffic and great discussion, I thought it would be prudent to share a poignant panel discussion I was recently a part of in NYC that addresses this topic head-on. It’s a dichotomy we all likely are dealing with… Simply put, most of us creatives want it both ways. We want a system that maintains our rights to the work we create while at the same time allows us to spread our work as far and wide as the internet and new media will allow.

How can we have it both ways?

This worthwhile panel discussion called Copyright and the New Economy: Issues and Trends Facing Visual Artists, hosted recently in NYC by, explores precisely these challenging topics. A note on the panelists after the jump…

Appearing on this panel is yours truly, Lawrence Lessig, (Harvard Law School Professor & Founder of Creative Commons); Jeff Sedlik (Founder & CEO of the PLUS Coalition); David Carson (U. S. Copyright Office General Counsel); Liz Ordoez (photographer); and Darrell Perry (former Director of Photography, Wall Street Journal). The panel is moderated by Jay Kinghorn.

Thanks to the ASMP for making this available.

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