The Lone Cypress Tree

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I know I’ve said time and time again I don’t re-process old photos. Well, that’s not exactly true. Maybe 5/10,000 photos I will reprocess, and this is one of them below.

I used the Dramatic Chipmunk preset from my Lightroom Presets (available in the Get Awesome Stuff link at the very very top). But I changed the preset a little to take out more grain and do a bit more noise-reduction. I’ve been re-doing some of the presets and making new ones. I was going to send out a little bonus package for free to all existing customers as thanks! :)

Daily Photo – The Lone Cypress Tree

This is kind of a famous tree, I think. Well, I guess it’s famous if you’ve heard of it, otherwise it’s completely unknown. It’s one of those things you find out is famous, and then every time you see it, you think, “Oh that is the famous tree.”

It’s kind of like when you play trivia games with annoying people. You know the ones. Every now and then, a question comes up that is INCREDIBLY TRIVIAL and some annoying person will guffaw, “Oh My God, that is sooooo easy!” Of course it is easy if they happen to know this incredibly small piece of arcane information! Either you know it, or you don’t.

Cypress Tree Highway 1

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