Win $15,000 From Burn Magazine. Emerging Photographers Apply HERE.

Article from Chase Jarvis Blog


Photo: Matt Lutton/ Pristina, Kosovo

Need a little more change in the pocket (or a lot)? If you’re doing top-notch work, you may be in luck because Burn Magazine is giving away $15,000 in grants for three photographers. Called the “Emerging Photographer Fund”, the grants will be awarded in three allotments; one photographer will win $10,000, and two others will get $2,500 a piece.

Initiated by legendary photographer David Alan Harvey in 2008 and awarded by the Magnum Foundation, the site describes the grants as “Designed to support continuation of a photographers personal project…[whose]…body of work may be of either a journalistic mission or purely personal artistic imperative. We just want to support committed authored photography of any ilk.”

A maximum of 25 photos may be submitted for a non-refundable submission fee of $25.

Entry deadline is May 5, 2013 at 6pm (EST), and winners will be announced in June 2013. Get on it.

Check out the exact rules and contest description here

Or to apply directly for the EPF grant for 2013, click HERE.

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