Insect portraits

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Green eyes McGee

Ripiphorus species, U, face, Tennessee, Blount County_2013-02-07-14.43.31 ZS PMax

Carabus violaceus LINNAEUS 1785

Deutsche Wespe (Vespula germanica)

Gonimbrasia krucki silkmoth

When we think of capturing beauty, not all of us turn to pesky insects as subjects to shoot. Many macro specialists, however, take the challenge of focusing on tiny bug faces — providing us with a detailed view of the textural and colorful complexity of what usually goes unnoticed with our naked eyes. Over one million species of insects inhabit our world, so expect a whole lot more of these abundantly diverse critters making appearances in Explore.

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Photos from Craig.Taylor, USGS Bee Inventory and Monitoring Laboratory, Svatoslav Vrabec, Fotoenergie, and Deanster1983.