Skip the Fancy Gear Give Me Vision. Surreal Environmental Portraits by Budi CCline

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Indonesia-based photographer and digital artist Budi “CCline” taught himself how to create these painterly photos. With nothing more than an old camera and an outdated version of Photoshop he brings to life a body of work that mixes the natural landscape with the local populations – human and animal, in a vivid, painterly style that is all his own. His work is a great reminder that it doesn’t matter what tools you use, it’s all about the vision. We reached out to CCline and my friend Amy took notes about his work and creative life in Indonesia. Insights a-plenty. Enjoy. -Chase

Tell us a bit about your background. How did you make the foray into photography?
BC: I graduated from the art institute graduate Indonesia majoring in visual communication design and then became a creative director for an advertising agency. I also painted using oil paints and canvas. The photography is just a hobby, but I try to ‘paint’ using photos.


Your work is an amazing mixture of people and landscapes. Can you tell me how you find inspiration?

BC: My inspiration comes from nature and the environment around me. Incidentally, I live in a small village close to the fields and rice paddies. I also live in a society with people who are honest and humble.


How does the diversity and beauty of the Indonesian landscape affect your photography?

BC: The Indonesian archipelago is a feast for the eyes. From the beach to the mountains and valleys to the inhabitants’ hospitality, there are many opportunities for diverse and interesting photos. If you have time, please visit our country.


On your portfolio, your images have a wonderful sense of atmosphere. What are you trying to convey in these photos?

BC: I’m just trying to visualize what I dream. Often I try to convey moral messages in my photos that can hopefully can be useful for others. I get many questions on technical issues. In fact, one of the strengths of digital through the technical possibilities is seeing the imagination and beauty come to life. Aesthetics is a universal language that can be understood by anyone because each of us loves beauty.


Indonesia is a vast country that will be unfamiliar to most of our readers. What parts of the country do you think would be interesting to visit for photographers? What are your favourite places in
Indonesia to take photos?

BC: Indonesia is a tropical country right on the equator. Like most tropical countries, there are promises for many interesting photos. Most people are familiar with Indonesia through Bali, but
there are many more interesting locations to be photographed. The animals are interesting and suitable for macro photography, rivers abound, the inhabitants are friendly, and there is a diverse culture.
A favorite place? I think all the places could be interesting to be photographed. But I prefer photographing landscape and human interest. Incidentally, I live not far from Mount Merapi which is still active.

Is there someone who greatly influences your work?

BC: I try not to follow the trend of a person. If possible, I want to be a trend setter. I’ve tried a variety of digital imaging techniques and styles, but have settled on mine because I want to be tied to just one style only.


How do you go about learning and improving your photography?

BC: With the help of the internet I was able to learn a lot from photography and digital imaging sites.

What kind of gear do you shoot with?

BC: Actually I am ashamed to mention my equipment since I only use Canon EOS 400D camera and for post proccessing use Photoshop CS3.

Check out more of Budi’s photos here.



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