Walking in Yosemite

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Upgraded my Tumblr Page

I decided to put a little more love into my weak Tumblr effort. I actually really like Tumblr and I see a lot of beautiful things there, at least from the people that I follow currently.

Someone already had the name “Stuckincustoms” (Arg!) so I used TreyRatcliffPhotos.tumblr.com. Enjoy! And thank you to former Texan Annie Werner for the encouragement and help! :)

Daily Photo – Walking in Yosemite

Here’s a photo from a walk along this beautiful little path in Yosemite. It looks very serene and welcoming, yes? Well it is! I was sad I only got to spend one day here in the forest… I’d like to go back. Actually, I’d really like to get to Yosemite when it is snowing. I bet there are a thousand interesting photos all over the place… but now, by the time out I find out it is snowing, it will take me too long to get over there! :(

I took this one during the crazy photowalk there… we had so much fun!


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