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If you have ever wanted to grab one of those outdoor hero shots of your friends or clients skiing, cycling, climbing etc, then you’ll now how difficult it can be to get the shot that stops people dead in their tracks. The shot that wows them. Let alone the shot that is so good, it could be published in an outdoor or adventure sports magazine.

Check out some of these ones for instance:

Shot on commission for Pocket Wizard

Shot on Commission for Patagonia

They were taken by professional outdoor and adventure photographer, Dan Bailey – the veteran of hundreds of professional shoots for famous companies such as Discovery Channel, Outdoor Photographer Magazine, Patagonia, The North Face and even the New York Times.

Dan knows what it takes to succeed in the hyper-competitive world of adventure photography because that’s how he makes his living.

We have been chasing Dan for about a year to write an outdoor and adventure photography guide for Light Stalking readers as he is one of the leading authorities on the topic. He’s a great guy and extremely open with his knowledge, but he’s also amazingly busy!

Well, it’s finally happened!

Behind The Action – Creating Adventure Imagery Step by Step is and end-to-end guide that takes you through the exact process that Dan follows to repeatedly and consistently create amazing adventure photographs – photos that are good enough for corporate and editorial clients like Discovery Channel.

The guide contains 12 core photographs (including the 2 above) and the exact process, equipment, camera settings and post-production tactics that Dan used to get to the final result.

You will see:

Unlike a lot of other guides Dan also shows us the shots that DIDN’T make that final cut and why he culled them. This is super-informative as it shows you the exact thinking behind each shot and what you should leave out.

Dan holds nothing back.

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