Snap Up our Food Photography Guide for just $7 [Early Bird Special]

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snapnfoodToday I’m excited to announce the launch of our brand new Guide to Photographing Food over at SnapnGuides.

This mini-guide is all about helping you to learn how to mouth-watering photo of food and today it is just $7 (30% off for early birds).

If youve ever looked at other people’s pictures of food and thought to yourself, Why dont mine look like that? then this is the guide for you.

Snapn Food will:

The guide doesnt overcomplicate things with technical jargon everything is explained in a way that everyone can follow and understand.

It is also written in a way that is accessible to people using all kinds of cameras – from a camera phone through to higher end DSLRs.

Grab Your Copy for Just $7

Ready to improve the quality of your food photography? Grab this brand new SnapnGuide here for just $7 before the price goes up.

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Snap Up our Food Photography Guide for just $7 [Early Bird Special]

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