The Towering Old Village

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Small Rental Car

If you’re going to rent a car in France (or most other places in Europe), you had better not say you want a “small” car. If you do, the car will be smaller than you expect. In fact, it will be smaller than both you and your bags expect. It’s best to ask for 4 doors, otherwise you may not have room for anything other than yourself and a small espresso cup. I found this out the hardway on a roadtrip here through Bordeaux with Tom! Anyway… a little word of warning there!

Daily Photo – The Towering Old Village

Aren’t medieval places the best? Yes! I wonder what it would be like to live here all the time. Maybe you’d get tired of how charming and Hansel & Gretel everything is all the time… I doubt it though!

Around this old monastery of Mont Saint Michel is a curtain wall where you can easily walk along the top. It’s quite cool because every few steps there is a good view of the village and the tower above, each view offering another good photo op.

The Tower of Mont Saint Michel

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