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Light Stalking has grown into a thriving community with close to a million people following us or seeing us online in one form or other, every month. In all of the hullabaloo, its easy to miss the core of whats happening in photography on Light Stalking. So thats why we decided to sum it up for you. Heres what you missed recently on Light Stalking.

Photo of the Week

art farmland

Congratulations toLisafor thissurrealisticphoto of the week! You can comment on her photohere.

The Most Popular Stories from the Last 7 Days

88 Incredible Photography Links It’s been another incredible week in photography (aren’t they all!) and Toad Hollow Photography has searched the internet for the best tutorials, photography blogs, photo collections and more. This week, a wide variety of photographic styles and interest are represented and you will surely be kept busy for a good chunk of time going over everything. Tutorials this week include advanced distortion correction in Photoshop and an auto photography tip. Photo collections this week include beautiful black and white photography, rare early color photos of Paris, examples of talented photo manipulation and the city of New York. Also, check out some special features, hand-selected photos from around the web and some interesting photo blogs.

9Easy Tips for Sharper, Punchier Street Scenes Aspiring street photographers are often riddled with anxiety over the prospect of approaching complete strangers to take their picture. Those who have managed to step over thethresholdand take the plunge into actually doing street photography will usually report it to be a rewarding experience. Like anything that we are afraid of, the more we do it the less afraid we usually are. Kicking fear to the curb is only the first step however. The 9 tips elaborated on in this helpful article will sharpen your more technical skills as well as give tips on the creative decision making process. Ultimately, with a little courage and practice you can become adept at capturing those previously fleeting decisive moments when out in public.

5Fundamental Elements of Great Photographs The 5 elements common to great photographs relate to good use of light, color, a captivating moment, good composition and subject. It can be very difficult to bring all 5 of these elements together in a single frame and most photographers have to take a lot of shots to get a few great ones, if we get any at all. Luckily, with some practice and a deeper understanding of the elements involved in a great photograph, it does get easier to capture great shots. The insight provided in this article for each of the 5 elements is a great starting place. It’s also helpful to get into the habit of examining photos that you think are great and determining how these fundamental elements were used.

Travel Photography – A Different Point of View A photographer that doesn’t like to travel is surely a rarity. A sense of adventure combined with new photographic opportunities can make taking a trip very appealing. This is probably especially true for the photographer that lives in a more mundane part of the world, where it can be easy to run out of interesting subject matter pretty quickly. However, most interesting subjects have been photographed before you and likely from the same perspective. The challenge then becomes finding a unique way to document what you see on your travels. There are some great tips in this article to help facilitate finding this unique perspective.

What You Missed in the Light Stalking Community

Submit your photo to this weeks photography challenge Musically Inspired! Share something with us that is musically inspired in some way. This could be a concept photo such as an interpretation of a song or photos of bands, concerts or instruments. Get creative!

We have had some great responses to our last few photography challenges on the forum. Last weeks photography challenge wasFreedom!What does freedom mean to you? This is such an open-ended subject. Share your concept of freedom with us.

Also, check out theCrowded or Filled Frame!challenge from the week before. The diametric opposite of simple. Share with use your full, crowded and busy shots.

Other Weekly Photography Challenges:

View this weeksMobile Monday Challenge. Photos submitted must be taken on, and any editing done on a mobile device.

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Did You See This Photog Go to TOWN on Some Folks Who Stole an Image?

How often do you include yourself in your own shots?

Abstract photography

Cardinals Meeting…No Popes Here

Abstract Realism in Photography

What Are Our Members Up To?

We have some amazing members here at Light Stalking that run the gamut from career professional photographers through to beginner enthusiast. Heres what a few of them are up to in photography.

Great Shots Uploaded to the Light Stalking Community


Photo byMike Dean. Leroy can also be found on hisblog, andFlickr.


Photo bylgal. lgal can also be found on Flickr.

music piano

Photoby hk.


PhotobyMikell Herrick. She can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Picasa.

If youre not already part of the Light Stalking community then come and join the fun. We promise not to bite!

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