The Weekly Flickr celebrates Women’s History Month

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For this episode of The Weekly Flickr, we asked the Flickr community to show us the most important women in their lives. We wanted to hear about your mothers, grandmothers, significant others and best friends — the women who changed and inspired you to become the person you are today.

We received countless photos and featured as many of them as we could with personal testimonials from contributing photographers. We hope you all celebrate the women in your life as well!



My Mom, my hero.

"This is my beautiful mother. The older I grow, the more I realize how perfect my life has been, despite all of the hardships my family and I have faced together. She encouraged me to go after each and every dream of mine. She taught me strength, love, acceptance, and what it means to be happy even when life’s circumstances are telling you to feel the opposite. My thank you’s will never be enough for this awe-inspiring woman." – kmitchell11


Retrato de Dolores

"She’s a powerful woman, who taught me the high value of independence, generosity and enjoyment." – Daniel Ivan




"My grandma; the lady who taught me that having a positive attitude makes life easier." – Ida/FarWestLogbook



"This amazing woman is my grandmother. She has been through so much strife — from losing her husband at a young age to having to raise five kids on her own. Not only did she raise my mom, aunts, and uncles, she raised me. In a sense, she is my mother, my best friend, and my everything. Her smile is as contagious as her love!" – Terry Vo



"Monica is my other half, who always smiles as beautiful as you can see on this picture. She is the same as me, with the same positive and negative qualities, with the same values and family background. And she is always supporting me in photography ;)" – p.dave


My Little Bride ♥

"Amy Chu, my wife who changed my life too much. I first met her in the late 2008 in my own coffee shop when she went here with her friends. And I think I loved her at first sight. Now were happy together and plan to have a child in the next year!" – Khanh Hmoong



Shy smiling woman wearing eye glasses

"This woman is my best friend, Nikki. She inspires me daily by sharing her love of teaching with her students, family, friends and with our children. She truly enjoys watching peoples eyes light up when they finally understand a concept that theyve been struggling with. I am inspired by her strength, grace and love for helping others." – Pink Sherbert Photography



"Women like her come from the lower rung of the society, where resources are limited, survival is difficult, no education, and it is a constant struggle to make ends meet. But the most amazing thing is that, despite all this, they manage to smile through. This woman is [a person of] fisherfolk. I come across her very often, and I have always seen her smile. We all need to learn from them because we seem to get perplexed and worried with the slightest problem. We need to be calm and composed to deal with it all." – M D


Explore the photos in this video episode and find out more about the photographed women in our “Women’s History Month” galleries part 1 and part 2.

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