Best Album Art from the Past Year [19 images]

Article from Chase Jarvis Blog


Sleigh Bells / Reign of Terror

The big record companies are struggling. Indie labels are struggling. The photographers, illustrators, and graphic designers who create album covers are NOT struggling. The music industry is an entirely different beast than it was a decade ago, but apparentlymusicians still believe in communicating what their album, as a whole, is all about with stunning visuals.

Music seems more disposable and forgettable than ever with apps like Spotify and Rdio. I mean, you have access to more than 15 MILLION songs if you fork over the $10 bucks a month for a Spotify membership — a far lesser cost than downloading individual songs and albums to iTunes. While this accessibility to music is amazing, it’s also overwhelming. We are being bombarded with more aural pleasure than we can possibly handle.

The beauty lies in the fact that we will stumble across tunes we love that may have not crossed our path without this technology. This, in turn, can lead us to finding our new favorite band (at least until we find our NEXT new favorite band). And then we will go to their concerts. And then we will buy their vinyl. Because vinyl is making a comeback. And then we will go home, put that record on like our forefathers did before there were 8-tracks and cassettes and cds and mp3s. We will once again experience what it’s like to be grounded in a room without earbuds and iPhones. To have to get up and flip the album. To listen from beginning to end, as the artist intended. To stare at the cover and read through the liner notes.


The XX / Coexist


XV / Popular Culture


Shigeto / Lineage


Bat for Lashes / The Haunted Man


Scratch Massive / Nuit de Reve


Scissor Sisters / Magic Hour


Santigold / Master of My Make-Believe


Blur / Parklive


Nas / Life is Good


Laurel Halo / Quarantine


Ke$ha / Warrior


Gentleman Jesse / Leaving Atlanta


Fiona Apple / The Idler Wheel


Father John Misty / Fear Fun


Eprom / Metahuman


Brother Ali / Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color


Black Moth Super Rainbow / Cobra Juicy


Bat for Lashes / The Haunted Man

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