High Above an Eagles Eye Best Satellite Images of 2012

Article from Chase Jarvis Blog

Mt. Fuji, Japan's tallest peak. Photo courtesy of DigitalGlobe.

Every now and again I find myself tooling around Google Earth, scrolling this way and that along coastlines, across deserts and over mountains. I figure it’s a compulsion more compelling than procrastination.

Or it could just be a fascination with perspective. Rust-colored mountain tops, their peaks slightly concave, give way to the orange and green of the foothills. A DayGlo green reef encircles an unnaturally neon-blue inner hoop, with the surrounding sea crinkled up like scales. An overhead of Mt Fuji, with a spherical cloud perched on the tip like a cotton ball.

Just recently the satellite imaging company DigitalGlobe posted a folder of 2012 satellite images to its Facebook page and asked users to cast their votes on favorites.

The nod for Best Pic went to this overhead shot of Burning Man 2012, the yearly gathering held in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert.

Burning Man 2012. Photo courtesy of DigitalGlobe.

Here are some of the others that were in the running.

The Subi Reef in China. Photo courtesy of DigitalGlobe.

The "Northumbrelia" mining sculpture in Northern England. Photo courtesy of DigitalGlobe.

The Space Shuttle Endeavor on the Back of a 747 over New Mexico. Photo courtesy of DigitalGlobe.

Volcanoes in Chile. Photo courtesy of DigitalGlobe.

Calving in Antarctica. Photo courtesy of DigitalGlobe.

The Vatican, Easter 2012. Photo courtesy of DigitalGlobe.

Yachts gather in Monte Carlo. Photo courtesy of DigitalGlobe.

The Costa Concordia in Italy. Photo courtesy of DigitalGlobe.

Check out the DigitalGlobe’s Facebook page for the rest that were up for a vote as well as an ever-growing library of equally eye-catching satellite art. Prints of images are available for purchase on the DigitalGlobe online store.

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