The Lost Cliffs of Oahu And Photomatix Presets!

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Photomatix Presets now in the mix!

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Ever since one of the newer versions of Photomatix (Don’t have Photomatix yet? Go use the STUCKINCUSTOMS discount to save money), I’ve been trying out a bunch of different presets. Those thumbnails really do a good job of giving you some indication as to the results of the preset. I’ve created a ton of these, and whittled them down to my favorite 23 for this package.

You’ll notice that some of the presets look great for some photos and horrible on others. Then, when you load in a different set of photos, the situation will be reversed! This is because some of the presets are better for interiors, some better for exteriors, a mix, etc etc. Enjoy!

Daily Photo – The Lost Cliffs of Oahu

This is a very very very rare re-processing of a photo! I usually never go back to a work.. so, this is more the exception than the rule.

But I started trying a few different things with Photomatix (that you can see in the presets above), and I just like the overall feel of the photo better than the previous version. I don’t see myself going back to re-do whole swaths of photos… this one just grabbed me for some reason.

Lost cliffs oahu Hawaii

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