New Audio Podcast

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Wanted to announce that we officially have a new AUDIO podcast. This Audiocast will feature long form content where my photographer, filmmaker, guests, friends, and/or yours truly are primarily talking…things like all the chasejarvisLIVE interviews (featuring worldclass creative talent), #AskChase episodes, talks, etc.

You can find our audio podcast and/or subscribe to it here on iTunes. If there are another place we should also put it, let us know.

This won’t adversely affect our ongoing video podcast which features downloadable behind the scenes videos from my YouTube channel. [VIDEO podcast is here.] If anything, that will continue to improve. Technology is getting better and we’re getting our systems dialed so expect more–and better–there too. As always, all this stuff is free.

And speaking of getting things dialed in… I was outta town last week. And while I was away–completely unknown to me–Scott, Erik, and Norton decided to rope in an MC buddy of ours, Tilson, to “surprise me” and record a fun audio intro for the new podcast. Tilson is a character, and a man of many words. They filmed this process for a laugh. If you want to check out that video after the jump, hit more or ‘continue reading below’…

To hear the final intro that came outta that video with Tilson, check out the #AskChase audio podcast.

[Thanks to my crew for the surprise and thanks again to Tilson. Seeing as it's Friday, you should check out his real talent here with The Saturday Knights.]

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