How to Raise You Rates, Deliver Better Work & Get Paid What You Deserve [Guest Post by Ramit Sethi]

Article from Chase Jarvis Blog

No one has single-handedly given me better insight about the business side of art/photography than New York Times best-selling author, Ramit Sethi. As artists, if we want to make a living with our work, we – like it or not – must foster our business/entrepreneurial skills, we must realize the value of our work, and we must know how to get paid. In this tight little guest post, I asked Ramit to share one of his favorite tips on finding high-quality clients. I’ve used his strategies, and they work. A worthy read. – Chase

When Chase asked me to come on chasejarvisLIVE a while back talk about the business side of photography, I decided to share some material Id never shared before.

One of the most popular segments was the Briefcase Technique, a way to hook clients into your work, wow them, and differentiate your approach from most other creatives.

Hop into the interview below and skip to 34:00 to hear me and Chase talk about the “Briefcase Technique” – or in this case, let’s call it the “portfolio technique”.

This technique allows you to:
Instantly increase your rate and get paid what you deserve
Filter the serious clients apart from looky-loo prospects who waste your time and never pay
Stand out from the bottom-barrel competition, who will offer their services for $200 and a ball of yarn

Best of all, using the Briefcase Technique, youll actually deliver a better service to your clients — one theyll be thrilled to pay for.

If at all in the past youve wondered why clients didnt select you, or why they argue with you about your rate, there is a way to sidestep that entire conversation.

Ive hired many photographers, videographers, editors, writers, and designers, so today, I want to give you a peek inside your client’s minds — and share the truth that many clients wont tell you:

Clients are rarely interested in art for arts sake. Theyre interested in business — usually the bottom line.
That means if you go to them talking about your camera equipment, or how long you spend on copywriting, they will stare at you and get confused. When you speak the clients language — how you can save them time, cut costs, or best of all, earn them more money — they will instantly trust you as one of them.
The most successful photographers are NOT necessarily the most classically “talented” ones. Theyre the ones who understand their clients hopes, fears, and dreams best — and articulate it in the clients language. Once you can do that, money is a mere triviality.

The Briefcase Technique will show you how to speak your clients language. It seems simple, but the video masks the deep research that goes into knocking your clients socks off.

When you can do this effectively, you can triple your rates, negotiate $10,000+ raises, and land clients that previously demanded 10+ years of experience. My students have done each of these things using the Briefcase Technique.

Heres the video on exactly how to do it:

If youre still curious about more details on how to raise your rates, I put together a free mini-course for you:

Good luck.

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