Best Photo Locations: The Secret of Isla Ometepe, Nicaragua

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Sometimes you have to get off the beaten path to find the real texture in a location. The truth is, locations that are hard to find will reveal new angles and subjects. Trust me, if it’s hard to find and get to – it will produce something new and different. So, as they say, “Take a Hike.” You will be rewarded.

Nicaragua isn’t quite Cancun, but it had become more well-known in recent years. Nonetheless, there is a secret spot that my friend Amy Rollo recently brought to my attention (I haven’t personally visited yet): Isla Ometepe. The island is formed by two volcanoes (one of them active) and surrounded by a fresh water lake and provides inspiring and unique photo opportunities for the adventurous. Isla Ometepe is populated by friendly people who love their land so much that they don’t bother leaving… even when their lives become endangered by eruptions from the Concepcin volcano. Photo opportunities include jungle, beaches, and archaeological sites. Ometepe is a UNESCO site which keeps out a good bulk of tourism that might otherwise bring rampant development that would ruin the unspoiled views. However, word on the street is that this does make it a bit rough around the edges. All the better.If you come to take photos here, don’t plan on a spa day at the Ritz Carlton. See the images below to explore this off-the-beaten path location.


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Pablo Raw


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