The Rich Kids of Instagram: A Worthy Disaster

Article from Chase Jarvis Blog


From the G6 to the yacht to the private island. by samuelfastlicht

When you combine youth, unlimited cash and iPhone technology, you get braggadocios photographic evidence of a lavish (gluttonous) lifestyle. Also known as the Rich Kids of Instagram. At first glance, this Tumblr is so ridiculously over the top it’s laughable. But a deeper look reveals sadness…privileged kids posting bar tab receipts that cost more than four years of college at a private university. Excess and one-upmanship. These photos tell a story of an entitled elite who seem oblivious, or even worse taunting, to how most of the world lives.

But if art (or curation) is aimed to send a message, make a claim, create a reaction, my take is that this tumblr is worthy of your time – even if it’s to feel the grossness.

Side note, here’s an interesting article:On Raising Kids Who Seem to Have it Allby Peggy Drexler. Peggy is writing a book about the impact of wealth on childrearing. She has a more empathetic outlook on these kids:

As absurd as it might sound to many, it’s not easy being a rich kid. Their parents tend to have high expectations. There’s nothing wrong with wanting your daughter to go to the best school, but you also want her to learn to be a good person, and encouraging achievement over character-building can mean kids never quite figure out who they are. They think their money is their most notable quality. And so they learn to use it — to buy affection, or friends.

These kids are unapologetic about a grotesque materialism. For the rest of us, peering in on this group of “1 percent” (one 1/100 of a %), there is an escape to a life of luxury and leisure. Private jets, yachts, fancy cars… seems like a dream, or a nightmare.


Off to London. by mohammedbinthani_70 #loadupthecar


Strategic pour by The Doc by joshpad


Mondays arent so bad. by seanmaicher #trustfunded


My dad on the left. I can hear his thoughts who is this monster I created? #christianlouboutin by kanel_k


350 gallon tank #hybridboat #fuelefficient #globalwarming by captaiinkevv


How was your Thanksgiving? by frankienastasi #ferrari


600 shots. #balltoohard by williamthewhale


Watch Wednesday, which should I pick? #rolex #hublot by vinideoebraganca


Irony at its finest. by nickchambon


#Gold #platinum Bars #Gift putting in the bank by yerayel


When my dad wanted to buy us dune buggies I thought he was kidding Apparently not. by annabelschwartz

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