Best of the Week Highlight Reel. Plus Itchin on a Photograph [I am]. Happy Weekend.

Article from Chase Jarvis Blog

Great week. Quick recap…

// Thanks to the family who’s be selected for this for a $20k paycheck. I’ll see you in NYC this weekend.

// Thanks to the creative community whose doing what they can to master their domain. What a great show. Thanks to you + Mr. Robert Greene (legendary.) You know anyone who’s website addy is is a badass.

// 7,000,000,000,000 pixels in this image of San Francisco. (i think that’s 7 gigapixel). Wanna learn how to make that with any dSLR? Go here.

// Pictures of a naked dancer in the shower. ‘Nuff said. (Oh, and there are some other cool dance photos too by Jordan Matter.)

// Fight for your rights here. This is seriously important stuff.

// This robot shoots a camera, and drives like a BMW. It’s the German engineering.

And for weekend… Had a tough time getting this little pop song outta my head this week. I’m itchin on a photograph. Grouplove.

Buy it here.


itchin on a photograph grouplove

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