5 Things GoPro Nailed with the Hero3 and Why You Need To Care

Article from Chase Jarvis Blog

GoProHero3Hey friends – want to take a second to re-introduce Erik, my on-staff video guru. He’s been with us for a few years now and, as a film school grad and long time commercial shooter, his opinions are often a great balance to my own. One thing we’ve both agreed to lately? That GoPro is an amazing company and–it’s becoming increasingly clear–they really understand what their consumers want. So I’m kicking this one to E-rock (affectionate nickname) for his opinion on GoPro and their increasing success…

Thanks Chase. Erik here folks. A few weeks ago when GoPro announced the new Hero3 cameras, we were lucky enough to be in attendance for the unveiling and even luckier to walk away from the event with a Hero3 Black Edition in hand – one of just a handful in existence. To date, they have listened to feedback and made big improvements on each iteration of their Hero camera line and this is no exception. The Hero3 Black Edition is a perfect example of their ingenuity. Of course the image quality has been improved and 4K is cool and all, but take a spin through the number tabs above this post and read about the 5 new features that I find most useful on the new Hero3.

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