Friday Beats Fresh Espresso

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Here’s another joint from the Capital Hill Block Party episode of chasejarvisLIVE we hosted back in July. Fresh Espresso is the delightfully dope combo of P Smoov and Rik Rude. These Michigan natives have been bringing beats to Seattle with their many musical collaborations for years. Most notably the MCs have mixed it up with P Smoov’s other well-known Seattle group Mad Rad. On Fresh Espresso’s latest album, Bossalona, P Smoov makes the beats, raps, and sings. Rik Rude raps. Trent Moorman rips up the drums and Terry Radjaw is the DJ. This album has been getting great reviews. Here’s a quote from Seattle’s best curator of new music – KEXP.

This is another smooth and smartly crafted set of hip hop incorporating elements of electro, jazz, R&B and other styles. Its a fun yet substantial set with synth-driven tracks featuring a variety of funky beats and occasional horns and other instrumentation accompanying the duos colorful and sometimes poignant rhymes. -Don Yates KEXP

Smoov and Rude’s set on cjLIVE was full of irreverence, masterful tethered samples, witty lyrics and moved along with smooth beats. It was a pleasure having these guys on – and their continued collaborative and creative output in Seattle-based groups continues the enlightened tradition of “206″ musicians sharing their talents with each other.

Without a doubt, the audience is the beneficiary of this attitude of sharing. Call it musical transparency. Everyone wins.

Check out Fresh Espresso here and here.
And download Bossalona here .

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