Eyeist.com Helps You Build a Kickass Portfolio

Article from Chase Jarvis Blog

In case you missed our December 6th, 2011 episode of chasejarvisLIVE, it was all about the portfolio. We had Allegra Wilde, visual strategist and co-founder of eyeist.com on the show, talking about common mis-steps and some of the best ways for your work to get noticed. She even gave us a quick portfolio review and a sneak peek at her upcoming service eyeist.com. Yesterday Allegra and her partners launched their product for the world. Check it out here. It’s a service that will truly help photographers worldwide.

The company has assembled a team of over 50 reviewers, who are among the most respected photo experts and authorities in the field including Photo Editors, Publishers, Photographers, Advertising Agency Art Buyers, Photo Agents, Gallerists, Museum Curators and more.Registration and image uploading is free at Eyeist, and photographers can purchase their review from an a la carte menu of services including selecting a Basic Review and receiving a recorded oral critique, a Website Review, a Live Review in real-time using Eyeists innovative interactive workspace, or a Photo Editing andSequencing review of their photography project. Base prices range from $100.00 to $350.00 and photographers can request a specific Eyeist Reviewer or ask to be automatically matched with a reviewer according to their needs. All of the reviews at Eyeist are completely private, but as an added public feature, there is a section of the site in which Reviewers can highlight work that has been submitted by photographers during the review process. These projects will be showcased in a specially curated Reviewers Choice Gallery which provides an open acknowledgement for the photographer in the eyes of the Eyeist Review Team. Allegra comments:

Weve seen plenty of public forums that comment on photography, but this is the first time that experts have been given their own platform to contribute their opinion on what theyre seeingand likingall in one place.

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