Adding Video to Your Photography Skill Set

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Adding cinema/motion/video to my base skill set as originally a still-only photographer has been a big, fun challenge for me. Creatively, professionally, and technically. It’s also been good for business. I’ve noticed that, like anything engaging, it’s an ever-evolving, never-satisfied skill set that can be grown quickly by learning from–and with–others.

That’s precisely why the fine folks at have brought back one of the top HdDSLR instructors in the world, a good friend of mine and a great filmmaker in his own right, Vincent LaForet. Vincent has successfully made the transition from Pulitzer Prize winning photographer to award winning cinematographer, DP, and Director. And you can too. So, If you’ve got a HDdSLR, are thinking about getting one, or are interested in expanding your skills beyond the still image and into video–for free–then this course is worth checking out. And good news, this online workshop starts in just 2 weeks from today.

What: Moving From Stills to Video with Vincent Laforet
Where: anyone can watch at
When: course runs March 4, 5 and 6. Registration is now, here.

Get more details and/or reserve your spot online for free, right here. [and if you're interested in attending the class in person at the new creativeLIVE Seattle studio - now's your chance...seems there's a way to get in ... check out the registration link to learn more.]

[BTW, I'm thinking we should have Vince up a day or so early and spend some time with him on chasejarvisLIVE... ]

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