Save 30% on Jared Polins Top Quality Photography Training

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People often mention to me that they feel as though they’re not making the most from their dSLR camera. They it’s possible of taking amazing shots but are not quite sure how harness its potential.

Our Photo Nuts series of eBooks are in part designed to help change that, however I realise that eBooks are not a format everyone enjoys. This week I came across a product that just might help you unlock the power of your dSLR – particularly if videos are more your thing.

Many regular dPS readers will know Jared Polin (AKA FroKnowsPhoto) because we’ve featured his videos here on the site before. We featuring him because the comments we get from readers are that they not only learn a lot from him but that he teaches in a fun and relatable way.

Jared has just released a 3-hour video guide designed specifically to help you get out of auto mode. I’ve spent some time going through it in the last few days and it is really good.

Best of all – as a launch special Jared is currently offering a 30% discount on it.

Right now you can own this course for just $67 (regular price is $97). The course is instantly downloadable once you order and it’s really good (both content but also the quality of the video).

Check it out here.

Jared’s put together a short video (below) to let you know more about the course. Or you can skip the video and head over to FroKnowsPhoto and grab yourself a copy.

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Save 30% on Jared Polin’s Top Quality Photography Training

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