26 Clever Silhouette Portrait Photographs

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Being creative in photography is often a difficult requirement for a photographer. While many fall back to the traditional ways of taking portraits, many are able to harness a little more creativity. We think these portrait photographers have been able to do that with silhouettes, often with clever use of colourful and interesting backgrounds. Share your own efforts in the comments!

Getting the Shot by Zach Dischner, on Flickr

Venus and Me by makelessnoise, on Flickr

Day 61 by stephcarter, on Flickr

Self Timer on the Hill by ingridtaylar, on Flickr

We will stay forever by muslim page, on Flickr

Royal Ride in the Golden Sand !! { E X P L O R E D } by girish_suryawanshi, on Flickr

Esprit by linh.ngan, on Flickr

Tee Time by Zach Dischner, on Flickr

Curves by skedonk, on Flickr

JUMP! by Nono Fara, on Flickr

Ra by BurningQuestion, on Flickr

frontbacklit by mugley, on Flickr

43/365 by phozographer, on Flickr

315/365 – The 365 Days Project by puuikibeach, on Flickr

224.365 by mac.rj, on Flickr

by morganknorr, on Flickr

Shisha by Lars Plougmann, on Flickr

Silhouette by Reza H.P., on Flickr

Brazilian sunset in Lubbock, TX by Dallas Krentzel, on Flickr

2008.12.15 – Silhouette selfportrait by a.drian, on Flickr

emu by ghedo, on Flickr

Seth steps in the Light by swanksalot, on Flickr

Her past by Javier Armas, on Flickr

AC in silhouette by edmondson photo, on Flickr

Alvaro in profile by bgrimmni, on Flickr

looking… by kalyan02, on Flickr

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