Making Interesting Photos from the Mundane: 30 Creative Photos of Street Lamps

Article from Light Stalking

Finding interesting shots in mundane subjects is one of the great skills of any talented photographer. And it’s a long way from being easy. But with an open and inquiring mind, it’s possible to find great photographic opportunities all around you. We think these photographers did exactly that by taking a reasonably mundane subject like street lamps and extracting some great shots. Share your own in the comments.

Good Night Buddha by h.koppdelaney, on Flickr

lsps080102b (party town) by mugley, on Flickr

Moni with my hat by Hallenser, on Flickr

hang out by jenny downing, on Flickr

Tranquility by motiqua, on Flickr

Magic light by ntrung, on Flickr

Back in past by BurgTender, on Flickr

Repeating Shadows by david.nikonvscanon, on Flickr

street lamp by loop_oh, on Flickr

TLV Port by uzi yachin, on Flickr

Glowing lamp by macieklew, on Flickr

Street lamp by Marcus Vegas, on Flickr

Manitoba Hydro Place (Street Lamp Focus) by AJ Batac, on Flickr

Blackout by A. Strakey, on Flickr

Jungla Urbana #3 by Jon Dez Supat, on Flickr

Street Lamp by chany14, on Flickr

Layers of Weakness by swanksalot, on Flickr

20110403_DSC_0102_D300S by graphia, on Flickr

That’s interesting by kevin dooley, on Flickr

Toilet roll with street lamp by Simon Blackley, on Flickr

Lampadaire/Street lamp by Phil Grondin, on Flickr

Lampioni vicino al Louvre by xzjw83, on Flickr

When Day gives Way to Light… by Kartik Malik, on Flickr

Shadow and Texture by StuffNThings, on Flickr

Street Lamps 4 by ahisgett, on Flickr

Street lamps by Mishimoto, on Flickr

carrer dels comtes de barcelona 10.7.08 – 105 by laura padgett, on Flickr

Sodium Slagging by Silver Tusk, on Flickr

Cuenca. Street Lamp. Castilla – La Mancha. Spain by Tomas Fano, on Flickr

Madrid. Mayor square. Spain by Tomas Fano, on Flickr

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