The Starlight in Downtown Los Angeles

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Father’s Day Special!

For Father’s Day, which I am partial to, we have a 20% off across-the-site special discount! Just use “StuckOnDad” at checkout and you’ll see the discount! It will work on the HDR Video Tutorial, eBooks on, the Textures Tutorial (where you can just get the textures) and more!

Treys Variety Hour #38: Whats in your bag?

Eric Cheng, Ron Brinkmann, Mike Wiacek, Michelle Robinson, and Angela B Pan join me as we do a little show and tell with what is in our camera bags. Eric wins right off the bat and even Tony Wang and Dave Veffer get in on the fun too. We discuss bags, gear, and show off some of our recent photos.

Thanks to Leo Laporte, Tony Wang, and Dave Veffer for helping out with the whole production! To see the full video of What’s in Trey’s Bag, click here.

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