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Trey’s Favorite Things


So, I’ve gotten many questions about all those “little things” that are in orbit around me. Some I need and make my life easier… some are just for fun. Okay, most are just for fun. But if you pop over to “Trey’s Favorite Things” – you can get some good ideas!

Wish I Had Time to Paint

There were a few places here where I wish I had more time to set up an easel and do some painting! I think photography has kind of spoiled me and made my time: art ratio seem off-kilter. I need to start looking at this in a new way, or at least make some exceptions from time to time, if you forgive the pun…

Daily Photo – Pretty Door in Arles

It was a perfect day in Arles while my wife and I were strolling around the streets and finding little things here and there. She went into a cafe to get some food to go, and I took the time to wander the streets and find some pretty little scenes. Many of the window shutters, gates, and doors were painted all sorts of colors. I thought this little place along the street had a nice feel to it… made me wish I lived there!

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