Hiking in Carmel

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Most Expensive Places in California for Living?

Is there a list of these somewhere? I know Carmel is expensive… so is Atherton… and I can think of a handful of other places, but I wonder if there was an official list somewhere… that would be interesting!

Daily Photo – Hiking in Carmel

Just south of Carmel-by-the-Sea is a hiking trail that goes along the coast. I went down at sunrise one morning to see what I could find. The entrance to the trail was blocked by a gate, and there was no ranger in the little box-place where rangers stand. I was bamboozled. There was no way through or around. I could have walked, but it looked like the road went on quite a ways before the parking lot.

So I wanted until some other guy came along to let himself in. I was parked a ways back, and so I got his attention from afar by grunting and raising my Nikon-on-tripod over my head like a sand raider — he got the message and waved me through.

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