The Pier in Santa Monica

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Live Show Tonight!

Watch tonight to see tons of photos from our big photowalks in San Francisco!
Date / Time: Monday night at 7 PM PT
Location: Find the “Live” button on my YouTube Channel


NPR featured Stuck On Earth the other day. You can listen to the audio bit of it here! And thanks again to everyone that came to the very special Stuck on Earth session in San Francisco – that was a great time! :)

Fun in LA

Thanks again everyone for coming out for the photowalks lately! I know it takes a lot of time and effort — so I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do. And yes, I plan on coming to [your area] at some point in the future… since I want to go everywhere, why wouldn’t I come there?

Daily Photo – The Pier in Santa Monica

After we finished shooting down on the beach, we moved the photowalking party up to the pier. There was just an edge of light left when I took this photo.

The dock is in two parts. The first part has the amusement park and the second part extends further out into the sea. Sometimes docks aren’t so great for night shots because they are shaky and move with the waves. But this one was pretty solid — I suppose because of the rides and whatnot that also need to be stable. Anyway, it was more than steady enough for the very long exposures need for the shot.

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