Printing Your Photos for Profit

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Printing Your Photos for Profit

I get this question a LOT! I’ve put some new information about this on my SmugMug Review. If you sign up, be sure to use “STUCKINCUSTOMS” to save some money. Since many photographers would like to make revenue from their photos, I wanted to show what it looks like when you sell some prints. In the case below, a customer purchased four prints from our online store in SmugMug. I am putting this up for the benefit of photographers who are curious about what this looks like on the back-end. As most people know, I am very open in all this “sharing” of how things work behind-the-scenes.

Personally, all of my prints through SmugMug are of a limited series, and this is one reason I sell them at a higher cost. You can of course choose a system that works best for you and the art you choose to share with the world in the form of prints.

SmugMug Review

The Rest of the Hearst Castle

See the rest of Hearst Castle here in that category. Don’t forget to click “Previous” to see more photos.

Even though this photo below is taken just south of San Francisco in the San Bruno area, Hearst Castle is about a six hour drive to the south in San Simeon…

Daily Photo – The Hearst Tomb

Thomas Hawk brought me to this cemetery. He always takes me to the most romantic places.

He remarked (and he is right) that he is surprised that Hearst has such a “small” tomb.It does seem rather understated, compared to the other monstrosities he built.But maybe he’s just being a little bit humble in his tomb. It’s hard to say…

This photo was pretty much pitch black with a little bit of light that would collect over time. This is what I got out of a 30 second exposure at f/6.7.

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