Old Forest in Yosemite

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Robert Scoble Video from Yosemite

Scoble was there with us for the photowalk… and he grabbed some video that maybe you have not seen yet…. here you go!

Daily Photo -Old Forest in Yosemite

This was a fun trip!

When I was walking through this forest, we had a photowalk-of-sorts going on with a ton of people going here and there. It was sort of Ewok-like with all the activity. We’d all have to ask one another to hide behind trees and duck out of the way, since we were all criss-crossing our shots this way and that. Often times, the shot I really wanted to get required me toclamberup and over big fallen trees. There’s not really a graceful way to do this. No matter how many times I do it, I continually look like I’m just barely keeping it together…

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