Wind and Driftwood

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PhotoWalk in San Francisco

Are you coming to the Google+ Photographer’s Conference and joining me on my PhotoWalk on Monday the 21st? I’m getting many questions about the location, so Here Are The PhotoWalk Details!

Video Recap for Smugmug

As you know by now, I process photos out of order. The photo I am posting today was taken on the day I made this video for Smugmug. If you want to know more about it, see my Smugmug Review.

Daily Photo – Wind and Driftwood

It was so windy out there — I’m not even sure the video captures it! Maybe you can see the wind ripping the top of the foam away from the waves… or maybe you can see some of the sand blowing across the beach. And it’s just as hard to capture the feeling of it all in the photo as it is in the video. I don’t have the benefit of multiple frames, so I try to get all of that in a single frame. It’s a wonderful challenge and puzzle!

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