Cart Racing in Queenstown

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Zorbing on the South Island

Do any of my NZ experts know if there is any zorbing on the south island anywhere? I know there is a lot around Rotorua and stuff… where there are green hills the multiply like rabbits… but surely there must be a few options in the south, yes?

Daily Photo -Cart Racing in Queenstown

This may be my son’s favorite thing about Queenstown! In the summer, they open up this area at the top of the mountain where you can luge all day long. He never gets tired of it – and neither do I! When we go back, we’ll have to see if we can get some kind of a season pass or something.

He gets a little rough, and he’s a little bit ruthless. But I have a good 100 pounds on him, which helps everywhere except for the curves. He spins around the corners like Yoshi, and I’m a little more like Bowser…

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