San Francisco before Sunrise

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Sunrise vs. Sunset Panic

Even though I love a good sunset or sunrise, now most of mine have an element of “panic” built into them. No matter how much I prepare, there are always last-minute adjustments in my camera settings, location, composition, and other miscellaneous things that are happening. I rarely go to a “special lookout” where a bunch of other photographers go. Those can be kind of easy… because you just kind of chill out and wait around like everyone else. There are SOME locations like that, but for the most part, I’m trying to squeeze out as many photos, compositions, and scenearios as possible within a highly compressed time.

And, if I am going to panic, I’d rather run around and panic at sunset rather than sunrise. Mostly because the sunrise has me a little groggy and out-of-sorts from putting on my socks inside out in the dark…

Daily Photo -San Francisco before Sunrise

Before I started going to the main location, Tom and I pulled over to the side of the road in Sausalito to get this picture. The water was too blue and the colors were too interesting to drive on by! We wanted to be quick though… so we didn’t miss the sun peaking over the horizon at the main location.

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