Castle for Sale

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Trey’s Hangout #33

In this episode, the subject was ‘Social Media and New Opportunities for Artists,” and we had many excellent guests. Also, if you wait until the end (bonus time!), you can see a bunch of new photos from Virgin Gorda and I talk more about the Sony NEX-7.

Photo Mystery – How much to buy the castle?

Okay, other photo mysteries I post here are too easy for you… I’ll go ahead and tell you this place is in Iceland up in the northwest fjords near Isafjordur. So, today’s mystery is: “How much does this castle cost?”

I’ll tell you ahead of time that I don’t know the answer! But maybe an enterprising Internet-person can figure it out! :)

Daily Photo – Castle For Sale

This is a somewhatdilapidatedcastle in Iceland, and it’s for sale! I got out to hike around it and take photos, and I noticed a FOR SALE sign in front! I mean, obviously this falls into the category of “fixer upper” — but look at the view! I bet you can get it for a good price too… Let’s see who can figure it out first!

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