Old Man on Steps near Drum Tower

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Trey’s Variety Hour #32 – The Google+ Photographer’s Conference

Join me, Guy Kawasaki, Vic Gundotra, Jeremy Cowart, Nicole S. Young, and RC Concepcion for a fun-filled evening! Besides talking about the upcoming conference organized by Scott Kelby (more at http://gpluspc.com/ ) we share some photos, hang out… you know… just chill out on camera with other photographers and stuff… keepin’ it real or whatever that means…

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Daily Photo – Old Man on Steps near Drum Tower

While I was circling the Drum Tower in Beijing, there was a small community of people that were outside exercising, milling around, talking, and watching the world go by. Many of the homes in the little houtong had their doors painted red, and that was a common element that tied everything together. I had my hip-shooter with me too so I could capture this one.

And Nearby…

Here is the Drum Tower that I mentioned above…

Rickshaws at the Drum TowerI've visited Glumany times and never taken a photo. I just couldn't figure one out.And then, this most recent trip, I walked around the tower several times until I finally got an idea.This is the giant drum tower built about a thousand years ago by Kublai Khan. An enormous drum rests in front, and it was beat rhythmically to announce meetings. The temple sits in the Inner City to the north of Di'anmen Street.- Trey RatcliffRead more, including a preview of an exciting announcement, here at the Stuck in Customs blog.

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