Gardens in Paris

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Gordon and his Panasonic

Gordon shows Thomas Hawk, and Karen Hutton the kit he chose for this trip to the US… It’s a quick little video I made in SF.

Traveling with a Pegasus

I’m not in Paris now (today’s photo is from earlier in the year), but I’m currently taking this 20-lb Thunderbolt Pegasus drive around with me for about 60 days. It holds about 12 TB, but I do need access to all that data! Since I’m on the road for such a long time, I simply need more data locally than I can successfully get onto my laptop or USB drives. It’s a bit of a problem… I deal with lots of data and I can’t figure out a better way to do it.

If I only had 15 TB on the cloud that was instantly available… oh well… maybe someday… 2016 maybe? I’ll mark my calendar and come back to see!

Daily Photo – Gardens in Paris

It was a cool and rainy morning when we left our hotel in the Latin district of Paris. The rains stopped just as soon as we walked into the nearby gardens. The sun would peek out from between the clouds and splash some extra light on the flowers below.

I took a bunch of photos before the sun came out, thinking it was the best I could do. But then after the sun came out, I had to run around and re-create the exact same photos with the proper lighting! So, it took us twice as long to get through the gardens… but that is not such a bad thing.

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