Awesome Car in Tokyo

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Sony NEX-7 Review Video

Did you see the Sony NEX-7 Review here on the site? I’ve now added the hangout below…

Who’s in there? Sergey Brin from Google, Kai Wong from Digital Rev, Gordon Laing from, Keith Barrett from Vidcast Network.

Daily Photo – Awesome Car in Tokyo

Tokyo has a bunch of cool cars all over the place. And look at that license plate! How do you get that number? Maybe you have to part of the Japanese mafia or something…

I took this photo a long time ago but only recently processed it. In fact, I took it while we were doing the Tokyo workshop. Remember that thing? I only dedicate about 10-15% of my year to “teaching” stuff, since I am so busy with other things. This year I’m working on a bunch of different things to help this scale, however, since it is hard to be everywhere physically at the same time.

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