Sunrise over San Francisco Bay

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Your Internet Radio?

Do you use Pandora or Spotify or or something else? I’m a Pandora subscriber — I use it quite a bit to discover new music. I notice it starts to repeat songs sometimes, so I keep spawning new stations off songs I like… that seems to work. Anyway, yes, I was wondering what internet-service you like?

Daily Photo -Sunrise over San Francisco Bay

After my very early morning in San Francisco, I started moving my way further up the mountain. The orientation of the bridges kept changing relative to one another with Oakland in the background. Once I got up high enough, I affixed the 28-300mm to the body, zoomed in, and got this shot.

I was lucky that the morning mist/fog gave a nice sheen to everything. I kind of wish I lived in SF. I think I would force myself to get up here every day for a year… and see the different light every single day.

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