The Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship

Article from Stuck in Customs

Is this HDR or not?

Do you think this photo is HDR or not? It’s the second photo I have released with the Nikon D800 with it’s 36 megapixel extremeness! I’ll leave it open for debate for a while… you may enjoy watching the discussion over on Google+ as well!

Daily Photo – The Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship

And speaking of that I am here on the maiden voyage of the Disney Fantasy. It’s an amazing ship (50% bigger than the other ships) and a great playground for photographers! Forget the kids! In fact, I almost did a few times but they are having fun in all the kids’ clubs Well I have a ton to talk about and show but busy busy busy with photos and not much internet! Anyway, debate away on whether or not this is HDR Either I’m tricking you, I double-tricking you, or something unknowable… I look forward to coming back and seeing what you think!

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