Girl Running in Santa Monica

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The Disney Castle Shot video

I mentioned thisyesterday after I edited the post later in the day, but I decided to go ahead and embed the video now as well. This was made by William Beem when we were together, shooting the Disney castle…

PhotoWalk Live Stream

Watch it here. We had only half an idea for the Ausitn Photowalk – to have the always-unpredictable Gino Barassa follow us around and do a live Hangout from the event. The video quality is REALLY bad, but you still get a sense of the event in a way… and an accidental shot inside the women’s bathroom…

Thanks to Keith Barrett and Dave Veffer for helping it happen!

Daily Photo – Girl Running in Santa Monica

And speaking of PhotoWalks, this is the first photo I got during the LA PhotoWalk. After I was on the steps and gave my little speech-thing, I went down right to the water’s edge to see what I could find. This little girl was running up the beach to her dad, so I grabbed a quick one while I talked through the shot for the crowd. I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out, since everything was unplanned.

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