Driving from Petaluma to Napa

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Trey’s Variety Hour #28 – Pinterest, Photographers, Copyright, and all these soul-rending Topics!

Thomas Hawk, Denise Howell, Kalebra Kelby, Patrick Di Fruscia , and Jodi Ettenberg join me for a lively discussion all about Pinterest, Photographers, Copyright, Online Sharing, etc etc…

Extra stuff includes but is not limited to: Sharing New Photography, Embarrassing Photos of Trey as a Kid, Other Photographer Discoveries…

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Thanks to Tony Wang from TWiT.tv and Dave Veffer for producing.

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Cable vs. Internet TV

How many of you watch MOST of your video on the internet? I wonder about this… I know that we got rid of cable about a year ago and watch everything over the internet now on our TVs… We use Google TV, Roku, and Apple TV. There’s no one-stop-shopping for everything video, but it’s not bad… What is your approach to this ever-changing video world?

Daily Photo -Driving from Petaluma to Napa

I’ve made this trip a few times, but it is usually in the morning and on the way from Napa to Petaluma. This is usually the situation because I stay at my mom’s house before going over to do a show with Leo Laporte. This time, it was the opposite (well, kinda… I didn’t sleep with Leo), but I did the show first then drove to Napa to have dinner with my mom.

Tom was with me, and we were on a sharp lookout for a good sunset situation. While driving by this old barn, I saw a great opportunity, so we got out of the car to get all the equipment ready…

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