Do You Have Enough Talent In Your Tank to be a Photographer?

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A Guest Post by Michael Adams

Your mom says you have talent. Your friends think youre amazing. Your photos get lots of likes.

You even had a show at the local coffee shop although you didnt sell one 5×7.

At some point, you wonder if you have what it takes. Do you have enough talent? Do you have enough gas in the tank? Could you be a professional photographer. Could you actually get paid for doing what you love?

Or, maybe youve been doing this awhile. Youre a pro but youre wondering if you have anything left in the tank. Can you make youre work fresh. Can you reinvent yourself. Do you have any talent left?

We speak of talent like a finite resource. This person has 5 gallons of talent. That person, being more talented, was given 10 gallons. You either have it or you dont. Youre blessed with photographic talent or youre not. You have reserves or you’re running low and there is no Costco station in sight.

This the thing about talent: it’s overrated and of infinite supply.

Your mom calls you talented because she wants you to feel special. You are special but that’s another post. Your friends say you’re talented because they want you to buy them a drink. Your Facebook friends like your photos because they want you to like their photos.

We’re all born with talent, each in our own way. It’s our unique and beautiful voice. Call it God. Call it your highest self. Call it your creative muse. It’s there.Over the years, for various reasons, that voice gets buried.

Talent is being connected to that voice. Talent is listening and acting from that voice. Talent is doing your what from your why.

Whether you’re new or experienced, if you keep hearing your voice, if people photography is fun and fulfilling, then you’re talented.

Now, are you talented enough? Is your inner voice loud enough? Will you listen enough? Do you have the courage to act on your voice? Can you face fear and still move forward?

I don’t know. Neither do you. Neither does your mom and moms know just about everything.

Do it anyway. Take the next step.

Do it because it’s fun. Do it because the world needs more beauty. Do it because your inner voice is too loud and you can’t get to sleep.

Act before you’re ready because regret sucks.

Michael Adams has been a portrait photographer for 25 years. With the growing need for DSLR education and photography business education, he started and recently.

Post originally from: Digital Photography Tips.

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Do You Have Enough Talent In Your Tank to be a Photographer?

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